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For us, each car has its own unique character

"Almar Polska" Sp. z o.o. is a family business.

It has been operating on the automotive market since 1983, and for 20 years it has been involved in the renovation of historic cars, mainly of the Mercedes brand. Even those from the 1930s.

Our renovation projects involve the complex restoration of the classics, beginning with body, mechanics, electrics, upholstery, drive components, braking systems, and ending with wood and chrome renovation.

Most cars are restored according to data sheets confirmed by the Mercedes Classic Center (original colour, paint, type of upholstery, equipment).

Cars from our plant regain their past glory.

The satisfaction of our customers with our services and the possibility to pursue our passions contribute the most to our feeling of accomplishment.

Almar Oldtimer Mercedes
Almar Oldtimer Mercedes